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diversity & inclusion policy

Diversity matters.


spotlight productions is committed to supporting inclusive practices in both our company operations and the content we create.


Whether we are revealing the forgotten history of a black settlement in northern Alberta, profiling a courageous transgender goaltender or producing more than 100 episodes of Asian cooking series, spotlight productions works to reflect the perspectives of audiences who consume our product. 


Behind the scenes, our company, proudly founded by first generation Canadians, values the strength of a non-homogenous organization and strives for proper representation of our population in our workplace.


Our Diversity & Inclusion goals are to:

  • Employ crews that are broadly reflective of the community,

  • Attract and retain talented team members able to work in an inclusive and respectful manner with one another and with the public, 

  • Identify and address barriers within our organization, and

  • Create internal processes, policies, plans and practices, while creating programming that meets the diverse needs of audiences.


To this end, all recruitment initiatives shall:

  • Show respect for differences in backgrounds, viewpoints, and needs in reference to areas such as age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, faith, family status and disability,

  • Promote a welcoming environment for all,

  • Strive to be made in unconventional forums in order to increase awareness of opportunities for underrepresented groups, and 

  • Include in our your job requirements competencies related to diversity and inclusion.


On an ongoing basis, all employees shall be annually invited to participate in a voluntary and anonymous survey to provide insight to our organization’s diversity.


This information is used to help give us understanding of our foundational diversity, provide important awareness of the mood of our team and can help identify areas of focus and prioritization as we continue to improve the organization.


Recognition of these viewpoints and perspectives shall be reviewed and applied to recruiting, retention, professional development or other employee satisfaction initiatives as part of spotlight productions' continued commitment to removing bias and barriers in our industry. 

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